Just updated Florence’s dream ~ 6800-4242-6448

Anonymous asked: what post?

This one :)

Anonymous asked: I am now aware that you did not mean for it to rhyme and it was a complete accident

Aww someone read my tags haha thank you! And I’m glad you are now aware :P

Sure I’ll get right on that


Talesfromflorence’s stunning town of Florence

dream address: 6800-4242-6448


I tried drawing some of my buddies’ really cute mayors!
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(sorry if the refs i used were outdated, but I hope you like them!)

Oh wow thank you so much, these are adorable! This is so lovely of you <3 

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Woahhh I didn’t even see this :D! Thank you for tagging me! Your handwriting is adorable also! ♥

Ah it looks terrible at the minute but thank you haha! Sorry for taking so long to reply as well!


Dreaming of viva-monteor's town again, it's one of my favourites!

He’s only been in my town a day but I already completely adore Kabuki ♥

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I love your writing ;-;

Thank you so much! ^_^

Anonymous asked: Hello! I was just curious, which villagers do you have in your second town now?

Hi! Right now I have Fauna, Genji, Marshal, Kabuki, Pekoe, Erik, Tangy, Iggly and Muffy! I’m pretty sure I’m going to keep Fauna, Genji, Kabuki, Pekoe, Erik and Tangy (I know I already have Genji in Florence but he’s my favourite) ^_^

My favourite season
I love your handwriting!

Oh wow thanks! I actually hate it haha, especially when I haven’t wrote anything in a while :)

I was tagged by themayorgothamneeds and sweet-minicakes, thank you guys! Other than the odd birthday card, this is the most I’ve wrote since finishing uni so my handwriting is terrible. I’m going to tag nnamwan, mayorjojo, pinky-peaches, overatlantistiptreetales, mischacrossing, sayuricrossing, viva-monteor, queenestown and floatingpresents.

Feel free to ignore this if you don’t fancy it! (Or if you’ve already done it). 

vulpesvulpess asked: Sending hello's from Venice! (My town) :3

Aww hi! Thank you so much, little messages like this make my day. Also your town name is awesome <3