It sounds like he’s speaking from experience

Florence | 6800-4242-6448

Nothing has really changed since the last time I updated my dream address other than the time of day, I just really wanted to leave these adorable sparklers as presents for visitors!

longlivejbj asked: Do you know how many items in the catalogue would equal 80%? Thanks!!

Hi! 80% for the gold badge is roughly around 2290 items apparently, but most things I’ve read say that DLC doesn’t count towards the badges (not 100% certain about that though). However from what I’ve read a lot of people disagree with 80% being the percentage needed for the gold badge, as they didn’t receive theirs until around 87%, unless everyone is not including a specific category? I don’t have the gold badge myself so I’m not too sure, is there anyone who knows?

Look who moved to Paw Paw! She’s so adorable <3

The campsite requires far too much space

Marshal there are lots of mayors out there who wouldn’t be too happy about that

Garden Giveaway


Because it’s been a while since my last one, and I recently hit 2700 followers! There will be two winners, each winner will recieve:

  • 1 million bells
  • Golden shovel
  • Golden watering can
  • Golden axe
  • Silver axe

The first winner can also choose 25 items (any combination) from the following, and the second winner will receive the remaining items:

  • 5 gold roses
  • 5 Jacob’s ladders
  • 5 lucky clovers
  • 5 blue hydrangea shoots
  • 5 pink hydrangea shoots
  • 5 white azalea shoots
  • 5 pink azalea shoots
  • 5 holly shoots
  • 5 sweet olive shoots
  • 5 cedar saplings

(I never visit the island so I don’t have any hibiscus shoots unfortunately)


  • Do not have to be following me - I never check, so please don’t feel you have to!
  • Reblog and/or like to enter (multiple reblogs won’t count).
  • Must have a copy of acnl and be willing to exchange FCs etc.
  • Please have your ask open so I can contact you if you’re the winner.

Ends 27th of July

Good luck, and thank you for entering!

This is a really awesome house

It should be a week or so! Not a whole year lol

But my birthday was in May haha. It’s probably something to do with time travelling I guess :)

How long before villagers stop mentioning the wish you made on your birthday? Because they keep taunting me about Andy losing Wimbledon.


talesfromflorence had an old and new dream code so i thought it would be fun to compare the same spots :D

Left side: Older Florence, 6800-2242-5194

Right side: Newer Florence, 6800-4242-644


Anonymous asked: DID YOU START OVER YOUR TOWN?!???!1

No not at all! Sorry if I made you worried haha, but Florence is safe and sound. I have a second town now :)

I love this little spot in my new town!

Some well-behaved villagers in this town

Anonymous asked: How do you post photos of your AC stuff?

Hi! It depends on how you took the photo, you can take photos either by pressing L+R, which will take a screenshot of your top screen, or by using Miiverse. Using Miiverse will allow you to take a photo of the touch screen as well, and it’s also slightly higher quality (although it takes a lot longer). I’ve explained how to transfer them to your computer/upload them to Tumblr here, I hope it helps, and just let me know if you have any other questions!